• Spotify for Artists – Co.Lab.Events

    This event promotion website represents Spotify's artist engagement operations.

    Built on WordPress, this site was responsible for promoting real-world networking events for recording artists. At these events, a panel of industry professionals discuss strategies and tactics to succeed in the music business. The site needed to collect RSVP’s from invitees with a user-unique link, and export audiences into 3rd party marketing tools.

    As the sole developer on this project, I was responsible for all front-end code, custom WordPress theme, custom plugin, and back-end application logic.

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  • American Ballet Theatre

    An ambitious top to bottom rebuild of this historic organization's website and online presence.

    As a world leading classical ballet company, this organization needed an online presence that matched it’s real-world significance. It’s previous platform was a custom ASP.Net CMS, with dozens of data models and decades of historical data. This data needed to be migrated intact into a custom WordPress back-end, and rendered into coherent pages for users. Considering the complexity, effective collaboration was imperative among the designers, developers and stakeholders involved.

    My role on the project was integration of custom post types to store the content, custom templates to query data and render it into markup, and front end integration of layouts, design assets and user interface.

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  • portfolio paia

    Park Avenue Institutional Advisors

    This drupal website and custom theme was built to represent the investment operations of Guardian Life Insurance.

    This website needed to serve as a professional and credible platform for the launch of this new subsidiary. An aerial and nautical theme was chosen to represent perspective and an adventurous spirit. The upload and organization of financial documents and disclosures was a primary requirement, as part of the business’s regulatory obligations.

    My role on the project was building custom drupal templates with custom responsive layout and UI.

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  • Atavus

    Atavus Football

    This project was focused on improving communication around the business's unique learning development system.

    This unique business needed to communicate the advantages of it’s advanced learning development system and consulting service. The site’s dark and sharp design contained animated graphs rendered in canvas, interactive before-after animations, and other rich media. This site is based on a custom WordPress Theme front-end with integration into third-party CRM and LMS platforms.

    My role on the project was to build the custom layouts, themes, and animations on the front, and 3rd party API integration on the back-end.

    Built with :
  • The Cranemere Group

    As this business expanded operations, so did the need to communicate consistently across regions and languages.

    This one page site required a full front-end rebuild with multilingual WordPress theme and content migration. The tranquil design contained simple text content contained in separated pages for ease of maintenance.

    My role on the project was implementing multilingual content and layouts, and wordpress integration.

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  • portfolio mtpa

    Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America

    Having won FDA approval for it's ALS drug Radicava, MTPA needed a platform to communicate with patients, doctors and caregivers.

    As the only drug in this corporation’s portfolio, this site needed to communicate precision and compassion. Enabling the website to grow with the organization, flexible layout and content features were built into the templates and the WordPress CMS.

    My role in the project was responsive design and layout integration with flexible content / template development driven by WordPress CPTs.

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  • portfolio cvs

    CVS Specialty Expedite

    This brochure website was commissioned to promote the business's specialty medication "Expedite" service.

    This site’s brand consistent design needed reassure patients with unique health challenges. A custom PHP back-end handled the submission of user data into 3rd party APIs to facilitate the company’s CRM efforts.

    My role on the project was development of the PHP back-end with API integration, and implementation of the responsive design.

    Built with :
  • Portfolio Ascender

    Ascender Studios

    This unique group of developers and designers needed a unique approach to it's online presence.

    As a developer within the business, showcasing our most impressive work effectively was a critical goal. A one-page-site design and structure was used to display and animate the various content areas.

    My role on the project was the maintenance and development of the one page design templates driven by CPTs, and front end layouts.

    Built with :
  • portfolio logo 1

    Hello Jeffery Logo Design

    Hello Jeffrey is a marketplace that connects hosts with staff specialists to make amazing and memorable events.

    This project was to design a logo and define a brand identity for the business. The design needed to be both accessible and sophisticated. The client chose a hand drawn champagne glass concept.

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  • portfolio logo 2

    PLC Construction Logo Design

    The logo and brand identity for this engineering and construction firm needed to reflect competence in the industry and attention to detail.

    The client chose a posterized refinery concept.

    Built with :
  • portfolio all of us

    All-of-Us Research Program

    This Drupal site with custom front-end theme was dedicated to the launch of a nationwide health research program.

    Multilingual Drupal powered the back-end, with custom content views for each of the seven real-world events.

    My role in the project was to implement the custom responsive design, which contained textual, animation, and rich media content.

    Built with :
  • portfolio group site

    L’Occitane Group Corporate Site

    This custom ASP.Net website was created to communicate corporate information to prospective investors, and job applicants.

    ASP .Net C# is used for the site’s multi-lingual features and organization of financial documents, designed to be maintained by non-technical associates.

    My role was to build the front end layout and UI, with backend handling of document uploads.

    Built with :
  • portfolio cpn

    Cultural Property News

    This news focused WordPress site represents the media outreach operations of the Committee for Cultural Policy (CCP).

    The site needed to be informative and render complex layouts, and able to be regularly maintained by non-technical associates at the client.

    My role on the project was to build the custom responsive designs, driven by custom elements of the Visual Composer page builder.

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